Social Responsibility

Responsabilidad Social

At MPS we understand that the way to achieve sustainable growth as a business is by incorporating socially responsible practices, which is why we are truly committed to promoting programs and actions that foster sustainable development to build a better future for everyone.

We are also aware that our long-term growth as a company is linked to the social development of the environment in which we operate, so being socially responsible is not a fad for us, but a duty. In this sense, in addition to our environmental, circular economy and sustainable waste management efforts, we firmly believe that social responsibility actions are of great importance for the resilience of the business and the creation of sustainable value.

Responsabilidad Social

As part of our organizational culture, we seek to establish a constant dialogue with our people and all stakeholders within our value chain, in order to build mutually beneficial collaboration schemes that promote social wellbeing.

At MPS we are building a social responsibility model to establish partnerships non-profit organizations that will allow us to achieve goals. We are working towards building principles and key performances indicators that will allow us to continuously evaluate and improve our social responsibility activities.

In the near future we will have mechanisms for making donations to non-profit organizations to raise money for material topics for the company and our stakeholders.

We will also create our own social responsibility programs to increase the impact generated, for example, with waste collection activities in strategic places where we have presences. These efforts will be operated in alliance with local companies and global organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, among others.